A Beautiful Weekend

I think this weekend summed up exactly why we do this concert promotion thing. We made new friends, heard some beautiful music, had some adventures, and most of all, really enjoyed ourselves.
The gig on Friday was Haruko, Birdengine and Woodpecker Wooliams at The Basement in Brighton.
Susanne (Haruko) had never been to Brighton (or even Britain) before, so we tried to show her some of the fun things we have here, and in the process found a few things we didn’t know about this crazy beautiful place.
I can’t remember all of the fun things we did, it was quite hectic.
Some highlights that spring to mind are the promenade on Brighton Pier, the strawberry scones at the church fete, the awesome Booth Museum, the man with the world’s greatest sound system, Woodpecker Wooliams’ bee hives, the Lianne Hall album launch party, and of course our very beautiful concert at The Basement.
Thanks to everyone involved this weekend. You know who you are, and you know how much it meant to us.

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