This Week’s Surprise Discovery – Allysen Callery

Allysen Callery

Allysen Callery

I’m showing up fashionably late to the party that is Allysen Callery (unlike a real party, where I normally show up an hour before the other guests and sit in a corner quietly contemplating the dip selection).
Allysen’s first album, ‘Hopey’ is properly amazing. I hear shades of Diane Cluck, Sandy Denny, Cat Power and a bunch of other great stuff that makes me swoon a bit. If you like any of those ladies you should obtain this album immediately.
Allysen Callery is from Rhode Island. So far I think she has only played shows in America, but she has already got airplay on Folk Radio UK and WFMU which is a pretty good measure of quality music.
I don’t know if she will ever play a show for us here in Brighton. I hope so, but mainly I’m just trying to spread the love for some great music.


2 Responses to “This Week’s Surprise Discovery – Allysen Callery”

  1. Sarah Dawson Says:

    As a huge fan of Allysen Callery, I can say with certainty that whether you see her in Providence or another New England location, the trip will be well worth the driving time and gas! Her music is magical as well as her stage presence. You will not be disappointed.

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