The Hurdle Hop 2010

The Hurdle Hop

The Hurdle Hop 2010

Oh man. This is going to be an awesome, crazy, wonderful day.
Just look at the lineup! I can’t believe we were lucky enough to get all these great bands for this little one-day festival.
This is probably going to become an annual festival, and it’s so amazing to be involved in the first one.
Tickets here

I’m a bit overwhelmed right now by all the great bands that are coming to play for us in Brighton soon.
Here’s the latest list:
Sun 18th July – Jason Steel, Vio/MirĂ©, Mute Swimmer – Prince Albert, Brighton
Sun 25th July – Ichi & The Hand (featuring Rachael Dadd) – Prince Albert, Brighton
Sat 31st July – The Hurdle Hop – West Hill Hall, Brighton
Fri 3rd September – Emily Jane White, Adelaide’s Cape, Old Lost John – The Basement, Brighton
Sun 3rd October – Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band + Support – The Basement, Brighton
Wed 20th October – The Great Park, Takeda, Woodpecker Wooliams – Prince Albert, Brighton

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