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Josephine Foster in Brighton

June 25, 2010

Josephine Foster

When we started putting on shows in Brighton only a few short months ago I never imagined we would have so many wonderful, unforgettable experiences and meet so many genuinely brilliant people. I hoped that would happen, but I’ve been blown away by quite how well it has all worked out. Mainly due to the amazing respect people have in Brighton for musical talent, I should say. This is a bloody great place.

I’m so happy to say we have booked a show in October which I think will beat anything else you will see this year. Josephine is one of my very favourite musicians in the world. It’s a complete privilege to be putting on this show which I guarantee will be amazing. I still can’t quite believe this is happening, to be honest.

Each time I have seen Josephine Foster play live I have been staggered by her songwriting, her stage presence, her humour, her downright oddness, and of course that unique voice.
Josephine Foster fans tend to be somewhat obsessive and you can probably tell I am one. The last time I saw her play in London the audience was so quiet I could hear a man three rows away breathing, such was the intensity.
I hope you will all come and experience this show in October, but in all honesty I don’t care if no one else shows up. I will have the best night of the year anyway, albeit an expensive one!

A Beautiful Weekend

June 15, 2010

I think this weekend summed up exactly why we do this concert promotion thing. We made new friends, heard some beautiful music, had some adventures, and most of all, really enjoyed ourselves.
The gig on Friday was Haruko, Birdengine and Woodpecker Wooliams at The Basement in Brighton.
Susanne (Haruko) had never been to Brighton (or even Britain) before, so we tried to show her some of the fun things we have here, and in the process found a few things we didn’t know about this crazy beautiful place.
I can’t remember all of the fun things we did, it was quite hectic.
Some highlights that spring to mind are the promenade on Brighton Pier, the strawberry scones at the church fete, the awesome Booth Museum, the man with the world’s greatest sound system, Woodpecker Wooliams’ bee hives, the Lianne Hall album launch party, and of course our very beautiful concert at The Basement.
Thanks to everyone involved this weekend. You know who you are, and you know how much it meant to us.

This Week’s Surprise Discovery – Allysen Callery

June 2, 2010
Allysen Callery

Allysen Callery

I’m showing up fashionably late to the party that is Allysen Callery (unlike a real party, where I normally show up an hour before the other guests and sit in a corner quietly contemplating the dip selection).
Allysen’s first album, ‘Hopey’ is properly amazing. I hear shades of Diane Cluck, Sandy Denny, Cat Power and a bunch of other great stuff that makes me swoon a bit. If you like any of those ladies you should obtain this album immediately.
Allysen Callery is from Rhode Island. So far I think she has only played shows in America, but she has already got airplay on Folk Radio UK and WFMU which is a pretty good measure of quality music.
I don’t know if she will ever play a show for us here in Brighton. I hope so, but mainly I’m just trying to spread the love for some great music.