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Stanley Brinks, Kings James & Freschard – Our first sell-out show!

March 30, 2010

Freschard and Stanley Brinks at the Prince Albert, Brighton 29/03/10

Wow, what an amazing night! I’m so pleased that such a great crowd turned out on this wet Monday evening and what a treat it was to see these brilliant musicians.
A lot of great memories from the night: The audience singers for King James, the powercuts, Stanley Brinks playing my guitar with crocodile clips on the strings and saxophone in hand, the brilliant respectful audience, Johny getting very very drunk, Andre dancing to Kelis….
Thanks everyone who came along, we really felt that special Brighton magic.

The Singing Adams

March 20, 2010
Steve Adams

Steve Adams of 'The Singing Adams'

Great show tonight at The Kings Head pub in Crouch End.
Steve Adams was the main songwriter and lead singer of the much-loved Broken Family Band. That band split up last year, and now Steve has a new project called The Singing Adams. It was their first show as a full band tonight, and they’re sounding great. A little rough around the edges maybe (quite a few fluffed intros etc), but when the songs get going they really sound brilliant.

The Singing Adams were the support act. The headliner was Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards (or Dan Mickelberg and the Horse Guards, as Steve Adams jokingly introduced them).
A really gorgeous set by this band. Dan’s deep dark vocals play against a swinging country-infused backing, instantly raising comparisons with Bill Callahan, which is never a bad thing.
After a few songs the band was joined by Romeo Stodart from The Magic Numbers who played guitar on a few songs. Slightly incongruous, but kind of nice to see a well-known figure giving support.

There’s some rumours that Steve and Dan will be touring together this year, and some very strong rumours that at least one of those bands will be playing a show in Brighton very soon….. Shhh

This week’s surprise discovery – Dead Rat Orchestra

March 9, 2010

This band was supporting the amazing Canadian singer Eric Chenaux tonight. They play with a mixture of traditional and improvised instruments, including an electric fan-powered melodica and a plastic teapot. They also do a song whilst chopping a log with axes.
Their music is mainly psych-folk. They build music in layers, usually starting with a harmonium drone and adding percussion, violin, toy keyboard and all manner of other devices. It reminded me of bands like Fursaxa or Charalambides, and perhaps Lau Nau or Islaja with more energy.
Check out their Myspace