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February 25, 2010

I’ve been a fan of Susanne Stanglow’s music for a while now. With her clear simple voice, finger-picked guitar and pastoral lyrics she has a timeless quality that would earn associations with female singers from Vashti Bunyan to Joanna Newsom.
Susanne is currently based in Bremen, Germany. I’m not sure if she has ever toured the UK before, but she will do, in June 2010. Naturally, she will be playing a show for Shhh! in Brighton. It will be at The Basement on June 11th, with Birdengine and Woodpecker Wooliams.
Check out the video below, buy the album, come to the show. There’s some free tracks on Last.FM that are definitely worth a download.

Adelaide’s Cape

February 21, 2010

Adelaide's Cape at The Hope, Brighton 20/02/10

The Hope is far from my favourite venue in Brighton, but it sometimes has some really lovely shows. Tonight it was Adelaide’s Cape, Rachael Dadd and Laish. Rachael Dadd was meant to be the headliner, but she had to catch an early train home, so the Laish Quartet stepped in as the main act. To be honest, any of the three acts could have headlined the show. They were all great.
I would recommend any of these bands to you.
Laish are local to Brighton, Danny & friends always give a great performance.
Rachael Dadd was utterly charming. Sweet and goofy, she did a couple of songs without amplification, which wins bonus points from me.
Sam (Adelaide’s Cape) is based in my old home town of Norwich. He played a blinding set, finishing off with an accomplished cover of ‘Black Eyed Dog’ by Nick Drake.

This was a good night that reminds me how great live music is.

King James session for Simple Folk Radio

February 17, 2010
King James session

King James and rag-tag choir recording at Shhh! HQ

Well, life just seems to get weirder every day, in a good way. We just finished recording a session for Simple Folk Radio in my front room.
King James is a spiritual folk duo comprising Laurence Collyer (Diamond Family Archive) and Johny Lamb (Thirty Pounds Of Bone). For the session we rustled up a group of singing friends: Professional sound recordists Rob White, Dave The Well and Stacey Harvey; sometime DJs and promoters Dillon Swinhoe and me; cameraman Leki, and musicians Louise Micklewright (The Vague Gyratory) and Gemma William (Woodpecker Wooliams). Gemma happened to be passing by on her bicycle when she got roped in.
The session will go out on Simple Folk Radio on Brighton’s Radio Reverb 97.2FM soon.

Golden Ghost show

February 14, 2010
Golden Ghost

Golden Ghost playing at The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton 13/02/10

Wow, what a brilliant night!
Thanks to everyone who came along to the Marlborough Theatre last night, and special thanks to our amazing friends who gave so much to make this show happen.

I won’t do my own review of it, that would be a bit biased I think. If I spot any independent reviews in the press I’ll post them here. For my part I’ll just say the venue looked and sounded great, the artists played their hearts out, and everyone I spoke to had a lovely night.

I hope you’ll check out all the bands that played, and look out for their future gigs in Brighton. The artists were Golden Ghost, George Thomas & The Owls, and Woodpecker Wooliams

We’ve now got a photo pool on Flickr. So if you were there, please join the group and share your photos from the night. I’ll probably award a free ticket to our next show for the best photo.


February 10, 2010

Like you, I listen to lots of new music. There’s so much good music about, and I feel blessed to hear these amazingly talented people doing stuff I can only dream about.
That’s brilliant, right, but it takes a lot for someone to really surprise you these days.
Merrill Garbus is that rare thing: Genuinely original, striking, unique, and charming.
I’ve been a fan since her days in the experimental vocal band Sister Suvi. They’ve split up now, which is probably a good thing, because Merrill has gone on to become tUnE-YaRdS, released a home-recorded album called Bird-Brains, gathered a huge and loyal following, and got herself signed to 4AD.
Enough talk. Click on the video below.

tUnE-yArDs at the Secret Garden from hoovesontheturf on Vimeo.

This week’s surprise discovery – Soccer 96

February 8, 2010

This unsigned duo from London and Brighton really knocked my socks off tonight. If you like the Canadian band Holy Fuck then this charming and talented pair will be right up your alley.
Check out their Myspace page.

Shhh! gets a mention in Brighton Source Magazine

February 4, 2010

Thanks to Ian at Brighton Source, the number one listings mag in town.

Spreading the word, quietly

What I’ve been listening to on repeat this week

February 3, 2010


I saw this band at a really nice day of music at Cecil Sharp House recently, and since I bought their album “You Are The One I Pick” I’ve listened to little else. I hope they play a show in Brighton soon.
Lucinda Chua and Chris Summerlin are just fabulous. Here’s a new song which isn’t on the album.

Our next show in Brighton, I’m excited about this one.

February 2, 2010

Our friends Golden Ghost, Viking Moses, George Thomas and Woodpecker Wooliams are all ace. I’m so pleased they agreed to play this show for us, it’s going to be a lovely night.
We’ll be recording the show for broadcast on the radio with our friends from Brighton’s Radio Reverb.


February 2, 2010

Welcome to the Shhh! Promotions blog.

This is where I’ll post occasional ramblings about the shows I’m promoting in the wonderful city of Brighton & Hove, UK. I’ll probably tell you a little bit about bands I’ve seen, and other great music I’m sure you will love.

My main website is here. If you are in a band and you think I’ll be interested in organising a show for you in Brighton, use the contact links to get in touch.

Thanks for dropping by!

Scott x